[JDEV] Flash support in the server (was: JNG Ramblings.)

dlb civintel at comcast.net
Fri Aug 9 12:41:22 CDT 2002

>Basically, its like this, Flash's XMLSocket class won't let
> you send XML with open tags (so no <stream:stream>) without some hacking.
> In addition, it tags a NULL onto the end if every piece of XML it sends.
> Obviously, the protocol doesn't support a closed tag at the beginning of a
> streamed document, and (IIRC) expat gets upset with that NULL character
> when parsing XML (and I think it would disconnect the client).

It was my understanding that the null delimiter is imposed after the
completion of each root element - ie. it isn't placed after nested elements.
Is this correct ?

Also , the delimiter seems to be imposed even if you are transmitting
conformant XML as a string.  So even though you can evade the first problem
, the closed tag, you can't effect the second because it marks the end of
the write action on the socket.

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