[JDEV] "Lotus sametime" = really another IM system in this world?

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Mon Aug 12 06:11:11 CDT 2002


while sb told me about SIMP (see previous post: "SIMP = open soure 
concurrent for Jabber?") another one told me about "Lotus sametime" from 
IBM: http://www.lotus.com/products/lotussametime.nsf/wdocs/homepage

Why didn't they user Jabber for it? They did develop their own Jabber 
client didn't they: 
http://www.jabbercentral.org/clients/view.php?id=984618555 Or is "Lotus 
sametime" actually based on Jabber? And if it is based on Jabber, is it 
compatible with it, so that I can chat with "Lotus sametimers"?

If you want to have a cool demo about "Lotus sametime", you should check 
out http://media.lotus.com/appdev/sametime/demos/demo.html I must 
honestly say that I've never seen such a demo about Jabber and the 
whiteboard seems cool (but I thought Jabberzilla has one too)...

Plz let me know what you know about "Lotus sametime".

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