[JDEV] "Lotus sametime" = really another IM system in this world?

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Mon Aug 12 07:51:36 CDT 2002

Sametime has been around a lot longer than Jabber.  It was bought by IBM
about 5 (?) years back from a company called "Virtual Places" (I think) -
another Israeli company like Mirablis.  Originally the client was called "VP
Buddy" and was renamed to "Sametime Co-worker" when IBM (sort of) integrated
it with Notes.  It was later renamed to "Sametime Connect" because there was
some trademark or copyright dispute with the "co-worker" branding.

Sametime does indeed have a large market share in the markets that IBM
chooses to compete (and to conduct their surveys) in. (Very business
focused)  Something like 60-70% I believe.  It seems to integrate pretty
well with websites too.  Worth reading up on.

As a side note, IBM has or had a licence agreement with AOL, because the
Sametime Connect clients have been written to log onto AIM servers in
parallel with Sametime servers.  I'm not sure if this feature still works
since AOL keep changing their protocols - I've never been bothered to test
it, but it worked initially.


> while sb told me about SIMP (see previous post: "SIMP = open soure
> concurrent for Jabber?") another one told me about "Lotus sametime" from
> IBM: http://www.lotus.com/products/lotussametime.nsf/wdocs/homepage
> Why didn't they user Jabber for it? They did develop their own Jabber
> client didn't they:
> http://www.jabbercentral.org/clients/view.php?id=984618555 Or is "Lotus
> sametime" actually based on Jabber? And if it is based on Jabber, is it
> compatible with it, so that I can chat with "Lotus sametimers"?

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