[JDEV] Compile jpolld false in Cygwin

Nguyen Minh Sang SangNM at fsoft.com.vn
Mon Aug 12 21:22:59 CDT 2002

hi all,

I have just compiled the jpolld in cyswin and it bugs follow error:

gcc -Wall -g `libxode-config --cflags` `jabber-config --cflags` -I./
-I../ -Iinclude/ -I../include/    -c -o jpolld-master.o jpolld-master.c
jpolld-master.c: In function `make_masterfd':
jpolld-master.c:55: warning: implicit declaration of function
gcc -g -o jpolld jpolld.o jpolld-conn.o jpolld-master.o `libxode-config
--ldflags` `jabber-config --ldflags` `libxode-config --libs`
`jabber-config --libs` jpolld-master.o: In function `make_masterfd':
/home/data/cyswin/jpolld/src/jpolld-master.c:55: undefined reference to
`inet_pt on'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [solaris] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/data/cyswin/jpolld/src'
make: *** [solaris] Error 2

could you help me ?


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