[JDEV] Stream Negotiation Protocol

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Mon Aug 12 23:47:35 CDT 2002

Hi guys,

Currently there is the DSPS effort for establishing a bytestream between JIDs 
via a proxy component.  Establishing a stream between two JIDs opens up a lot 
of possibilities (see the DSPS JEP-37 for some ideas), most importantly file 
transfer.  However, there are still two parts of the puzzle missing:  a 
stream negotiation protocol, to allow clients to decide on the best stream 
method to use, and an actual file transfer protocol.

Today I wrote the following document:

It describes both a stream negotiation protocol and a simple file transfer 
protocol.  It is all completely independent of the actual stream protocol 
used.  I describe a "Direct TCP" method in the document for simplicity's 
sake, however it would work for any stream transport (ie, DSPS or whatever).

Should I send this to the standards-jig list also?  This is my first attempt 
at contributing to the Jabber protocol, so I'm not familiar with the process.  
Feedback welcome.

Have fun,

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