[JDEV] JID Stream (was: Stream Negotiation Protocol)

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Tue Aug 13 21:00:50 CDT 2002

Hi everyone,

Alright, I gathered some nice input and revised my document.  I have renamed 
it to "JID Stream", which is to mean linking a bytestream between Jabber IDs.  
Now it relies on jabber:iq:negotiate (JEP-20) for choosing the stream 
transport, which means my document is less about negotiation now and more 
about the stream itself (hence the name change).

The document is simpler this time around, and makes less mention of 
direct-tcp.  It should be easier to see how it can interface with any stream 
layer now.

Here is the URL to the doc:

Have fun,

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