[JDEV] JEP038 (emoticon spec) : file extension

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Wed Aug 14 15:43:00 CDT 2002

I e-mailed the next to Theo, but he didn't reply to it (not even a short 
message :( ). So, if Theo doesn't want to reply, I post it here, so that 
maybe others can reply...


I had a quick read through at JEP038 (again ;) ) and I see that you 
proposed .jisp as file extension. But JEP038 can be used for more than 
Jabber alone, so wouldn't .isp be better? Or maybe .gem, for GEnicons 
and EMoticons? I personally prefer the last one...

Plz. let me know what you think.


Maybe I have to stress it more: *Plz* let me know what you think ;p


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