[JDEV] JEP038 (emoticon spec): is a transport tag really necessary?

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Wed Aug 14 16:00:54 CDT 2002


(the specification itself can be read through at: 
http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0038.html )

maybe it's a detail, but isn't a transport some sort of language on its 
own? If you consider a transport as some sort of language, then you can use:
<text language="msn">(b)</text>
instead of
<text transport="msn">(b)</text>
what would make the spec a little bit easier.

Going further in that same line, maybe you can see "ascii-art" as 
another language:
<text language="ascii">c|_|</text>

So, the folowing could be all defined with the same tag:
<text default="true" language="en">::beer::</text>
<text language="nl">::bier::</text>
<text language="msn">(b)</text>
<text language="ascii">c|_|</text>

Then you could ask the user what language he wants to use:
"Plz select your preferred order:
- English
- Nederlands
- The MSN Messenger way
- Ascii-art
By preferred order I mean that maybe sb. first (e.g.) wants to use 
ascii-art, then Nederlands, then English and then MSN-way, because not 
all things will be clearly definable through e.g. ascii-art or maybe 
some user wants an extent of the MSN-way through English?

What do you think of this, I always learned to make things as simple as 
possible :)


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