[JDEV] Slashdot article on IM Bots patent

Ricardo SIGNES samael-jdev at lists.manxome.org
Thu Aug 15 16:15:35 CDT 2002

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 03:00:44PM -0600, Ben Schumacher wrote:
> Yes, but this patent is specifically directed towards instant messaging
> bots. I guess it just a question of how you define instant messaging.
> From the patent:
> A method and system for interactively responding to queries from a
> remotely located user includes a computer server system configured to
> receiving an instant message query or request from the user over the
> Internet. The query or request is interpreted and appropriate action is
> taken, such as accessing a local or remote data resource and formulating
> an answer to the user's query. The answer is formatted as appropriate and
> returned to the user as an instant message or via another route specified
> by the user. A method and system of providing authenticated access to a
> given web page via instant messaging is also disclosed.

This is a ridiculous definition.  Here's a good example of prior art:

		FROM patents
		WHERE bogosity > 1
		..., ..., ...

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