[JDEV] Emoticons - Alt Tag

TerraAccess rick at terraaccess.com
Mon Aug 19 01:06:38 CDT 2002

I agree it's a good idea, since I suggested it:)
But I thought it would be better placed with the graphic tag instead
of/ or along side the text. It started because I use a rollover description
in our client and needed a place to grab the description from. It just seems
that it describes the graphic and not the text.For example Yahoo uses 4 text
tags for the smiley. In this case is the alt tag better with the text or the
graphic. Of course if all transports use different text tags for the same
graphic then the alt attribute in the text tag could be used to specify the
transport. If they both had it, since they are both unbounded they could be
used to match graphic to transport. One file for a full package.

I'm not arguing the change I was just wondering the thoughts that lead to
putting it with the text only. Kinda maybe I'm missing something query...

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> If one sends an emotion with XHTML as an <img/> tag, I think alt="" is
> perfectly legal (unless it's not in xhtml-basic) and I think it's a cool
> idea.
>  - mikem
> On Sunday 18 August 2002 05:02 pm, TerraAccess wrote:
> > I was just wondering what the thought was putting the alt tag
> > with the text attribute when it describes the graphic. Most emoticon
> > sequences have one graphic with multiple text descriptions.
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