[JDEV] RVP transport (M$ exchange messenger)

Martin Mrvka mmrvka at sms.at
Wed Aug 21 04:15:53 CDT 2002

my first intention was to convene some interrested people to bring this experimental project in a organized state and afterwards present it to the community to carry on further development.

but the most reasonable variant seems to be, to start a project at jabberstudio asap.

well, it seems that I need to write some docs... ;)


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This project seems to be quite interesting from what Martin has described. As Diz had mentioned 
can we see some code? 
Dave Smith wrote: 
In general any interoperability work with Exchange would be interesting 
to the Jabber community, I would imagine. By all means let's see some 
code! :) 
On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 07:17 , Martin Mrvka wrote: 
> Hi, 
> I'm currently trying to build a jabber transport for microsofts 
> exchange messenger in perl. 
> Therefore I wrote a RVP::Client library holding the basic methods for: 
> - ntlm authentication against IIS 
> - subscription 
> - change of presence 
> - sending messages 
> Since I've no complete documentation of  RVP (just the one at MSDN and 
> tcpdump), I'd like to ask, if such a transport may be useful for more 
> people and if there already similar projects. 
> Martin 
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