[JDEV] JX DNS Record?

Mark Wilcox mark at mjwilcox.com
Wed Aug 21 10:17:45 CDT 2002

Actually this what the SRV record in DNS was invented for. And I believe at
least jabberd supports that for looking up Jabber servers.

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> I'm new to the Jabber architecture and have a quick question about the
> long term plan for the protocol.  One of the clear advantages (over
> other IM systmes) seems to be user at hostname syntax for the JID.  This
> of course makes it possible for your email address to be your JID.  In
> deploying jabberd, it really begs to be loaded on the server where
> shmoo.com points and there appears to be no clean way to deploy at a
> different machine.  We went through this years ago with email, and the
> MX records for DNS were implemented to allow mail clients to find a
> mail server based on more than just hostname.  This makes email service
> somewhat portable across machines.  At any rate, I'd like to know if
> some solution for this dilemma has been contemplated by the Jabber
> architects, and whether standardizing on something simple like a "JX"
> record in DNS would be a smart thing to do.
> Thanks, please cc me offlist as I don't follow jdev.
> pablos.
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