Dave Hodson DaveHod at speakeasy.net
Wed Aug 21 17:27:04 CDT 2002

Chris --

I am interested in learning more about the job you posted (below). 
Before moving forward however, I'm wondering if you can provide me with 
a bit of info about the hiring company. The name would be great, but if 
you don't feel comfortable divulging that, perhaps you can provide a few 
details like size, business area, etc.



Hayes, Chris wrote:

>Good afternoon -
>	My name is Chris Hayes with Aquent, a global IT staffing and
>conulting company. I'm sending this email to the list because we currently
>have a Jabber opportunity available. 
>It is a 2 month project (with possible extension to 6 months) with a
>technology company in Austin, TX.  We are looking for someone who has
>experience in deploying AND developing either commerical or open source
>Jabber for scalable, enterprise systems.
>The developer should have knowledge of C, Oracle, OCI, XML, and LDAP
>authentication to integrate JCP, JOS and JOS gateway components to
>internal systems to complete job task. Knowledge of Java is a plus.
>If you are intersted, please send me an updated copy of your resume. In the
>subject line, please write 'JABBER'.  I will then contact you with the
>details of the position.  If not, please send this e-mail to anyone you know
>who is qualified and might be interested.  Thank you so much for your time
>and I appreciate any help that you can give me.
>Thank you and have a great day,
>Chris Hayes
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