[JDEV] Regarding adding Voice support in Jabber Client

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Sat Aug 24 11:44:34 CDT 2002

Matthias Wimmer wrote:

> hi vikram!
> vikram singh wrote:
>>              I am writting a jabber im for linux using QT, can
>> any body help me if i want to give facility of voice chat ...what
>> things i have to do...
> you just have to choose an codec and transfer the encoded data to the 
> oder user. if you want to use an existing library for that you can use 
> openh323.

Its been a while since I saw this, but someone had suggested the same 
idea that Matthias has, but using ogg vorbis. Vorbis just released their 
1.0 version,  and it seems to hold up really well at 8kbps coding for 
voice. It might be worthwhile to look into since Vorbis is a patent-free 
royalty-free codec. More at http://www.vorbis.com/ and at 

>> and where can i find tutorials for
>> implementing voice facility.......and how to do in jabber ...can i
>> use voice-xml...
> afaik voice-xml is a 'markup language' for dialog systems (browsing 
> using your phone). at least it's no codec and probably not of much use 
> to your problem.

The payload can always be an encoded voice chunk, carried across inside 


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