[JDEV] Problems with umlauts in account password?

admin at jabber.fsinf.de admin at jabber.fsinf.de
Mon Aug 26 13:56:29 CDT 2002


When creating a new jabber (jabberd 1.4.2) account with Psi 0.8.6 (Win) or
WinJab and with umlauts in the password the account seems to be
unuseable (authentification fails).  The password "äöü" shows up as
"<C3><A4><C3><B6><C3><BC>" in the user's spool file. I tried direct
telneting to the server but even plain text auth [1] failed.

Is this a server bug?


        <query xmlns="jabber:iq:auth">
        <error code='406'>Not Acceptable</error>

(I hope Pine encodes this correct ;-)

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