[JDEV] Advocacy Project Announcement

Justin Kirby justin at openaether.org
Tue Aug 27 03:15:53 CDT 2002

I have created a new project on www.jabberstudio.org to help coordinate
advocacy efforts for jabber:

The project is intended to provide a collection point for documents
which promote jabber. Whether it's the IT department convincing
corporate heads, or simply to promote jabber to the masses at large.

Another goal is to help the media understand what jabber is and is not,
instead of propogating the common misunderstanding that jabber is
nothing more than another trillian. Development of presskits like those
that have been put together for mozilla would be a great start.

If you have experience and/or actually proposed jabber in your
organization I would appreciate hearing from you. Or if you would simply
like to contribute, let me know. 


JID: Zion at openaether.org

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