[JDEV] JX DNS Record?

Chris Davies Chris.Davies at ManheimEurope.com
Fri Aug 30 03:37:09 CDT 2002

Paul Holman <pablos at shmoo.com> wrote,
> I'm new to the Jabber architecture and have a quick question about
> the long term plan for the protocol.  One of the clear advantages
> (over other IM systmes) seems to be user at hostname syntax for the
> JID.  This of course makes it possible for your email address to be
> your JID.  In deploying jabberd, it really begs to be loaded on the
> server where shmoo.com points and there appears to be no clean way
> to deploy at a different machine.

jdev-admin at jabber.org replied:
> Actually this what the SRV record in DNS was invented for. And I
> believe at least jabberd supports that for looking up Jabber servers.

Jabber servers can (and do) use SRV records, but (as far as I know) no client
supports SRV lookups (yet?). This means that it's not yet possible to use one's
email address as one's JID. Unfortunately.

This is discussed fairly regularly both here and on jadmin, so check out the
archives for other conversational details.

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