[JDEV] Reg-Jabberd not listening on port 5222

SenthilVelavan.P senthilvelavan at gmx.net
Sat Aug 31 02:28:22 CDT 2002

Im trying to build jabber server on hpux 11.11
 Has anyone tried this before?  I was able to build it.
  I used gcc (which inturn requires binutils).
  The build went thru' except for one little hurdle.
   'Unsatisfied symbols: modf (code)'
    Linked it with -L/usr/lib -lm
    by modifying jabberd/Makefile
  It went thru' fine.  But while running....there seem to be some problem.
  I get NO debug messages (run with -D) and also
  it is not listening on port 5222. I was not able to
  connect to that port. There is no core dump. The 
  process is up.  Did I miss anything?
 Any help will be appreciated. 
Thanks and Regards,
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