[JDEV] new RFC draft

Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 06:02:37 CST 2002

Looks good, nice lot of information there.

Quick question, I noticed you mention you can use SSL for S2S
communication.  How does this work?

5.1 SSL

   Hosts can optionally support normal SSL [9] connections for added
   security on port 5223 for node connections and 5270 for server

I tried the following but port 5270 isn't listening.  Also I have
successfully compiled SSL support and I'm using this for clients.  I'm
using the CVS version of jabber2, checked out on Jan 17th.

  <service id="s2s">
    <dialback xmlns='jabber:config:dialback'>
      <ip port="5269">your.ip.address</</ip>
      <ssl port="5270">your.ip.address</ssl>


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I have posted a *preliminary draft* of the new RFC that the Jabber
> Software Foundation plans to submit to the IETF as an Informational RFC in
> order to document the Jabber protocols. Your feedback is most welcome.
> JDEVers, please note that discussion is taking place on the standards-jig
> mailing list, I'm cross-posting this message to JDEV just to keep you in
> the loop. You can sign up for the standards-jig list here:
> http://mailman.jabber.org/listinfo/standards-jig/
> The RFC is here:
> http://foundation.jabber.org/jabber-rfc.txt
> Happy Jabbering!
> Peter
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