[JDEV] memory leak...

James Stevens james at kyzo.com
Wed Feb 6 09:35:55 CST 2002


I've got a problem with memory leaks. 

I'm using jabber v1.4.1 with conference v0.4.1, msn v1.1, jud v0.4 and I've got
a memory leaking problem that uses about 100Kb (as reported by RSS in a "ps"
listing) for each log in / log out cycle.

It only happens when I use the (windows) Jabber.com client (JIM) with server to
server comms enabled. If I disable the server to server comms (i.e. comment it
out in the jabber.xml file) or use myJabber instead I don't get the leak.

I have studied the pool memory code in great detail and am convinced that there
isn't a leak there, but there are several malloc's and strdup's that aren't
within the pool system.

Is this a known problem, is there a fix ... Help.


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