[JDEV] memory leak in 1.4.1

James Stevens james at kyzo.com
Thu Feb 7 12:26:39 CST 2002

I'm getting a memory leak problem with jabber 1.4.1 on Linux. I first noticed
it because of the message :-

<presence to="959967024 at update.jabber.com/"/>

that JIM sends out on start-up, and I was given a work around for this which
was :-

<service id="update.jabber.com">

This work around worked fine, for the user I was testing it with. However, I
noticed that this doesn't solve the memory leak for all users. The problem
seems to be caused by having users on your roster that are based on another
jabber server, but where that other jabber server is uncontactable for some

We are a two site company and we have a local jabber server at both sites. When
the two jabber servers can't contact each other, if a user has users in their
roster that belong to the other site, every time they log on and off there is
about 100Kb memory leak on the server they are connecting to. That is about
100Kb per log on & log off cycle.

To re-produce, set up two servers (A and B) put a user on each server (Andew
and Barney) get the users to put each other in their rosters, then break the
cable between the two servers. Now, every time Andrew logs on and off there
will be a 100Kb memory leak in the jabber process on server A.

Buy setting up a complex roster of users on both sites, then breaking the link
between the two sites, and gradually removing all the "foreign" users, while
logging on and off between each removal, I found that by only leaving local
users in the roster I could reduce the memory leak to zero per log on / log off

also installed MSN v1.1, jud v0.4 and conference v0.4.1


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