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David Sutton dsutton at legend.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 09:20:16 CST 2002

Hi there,

  There is already a mechanism in place for the server admin to 
broadcast a message to all connected users. If this is the kind of 
 thing you are interested in, the details are in the jabber.xml 
configuration file. Included is an extract:

      Note that they can also send announcements to all
      users of the server, or to all online users. To use
      the announcement feature, you need to send raw xml and be
      logged in as one of the admin users. Here is the syntax
      for sending an announcement to online users:

        <message to="yourhostname/announce/online">
          <body>announcement here</body>

Hope this helps,


David Sutton
JID: peregrine at jabber.sys.legend.net.uk

Riyaad Miller wrote:

>I'm looking for some kind of solution to my problem here.
>Here's a scenario, assuming you have approximately 5000 users online at this very moment, all of which are merrily chatting away. Assume there's some kinda major event happening in the world (eg. Volcano errupting in Hawai or something ...merely an example here). I want to be able to pull this information from my already existing  news system of sort and display the major breaking news headlines to the chatting users in some form of popup box (if possible like the presense notification jabber already has). Question...is there a tool that has this already, does Jabber have some kind of configuration that already exists and lastly....Is this possible?
>Do tell ...very interested to know.
>Thanks in advance ...
>Regards RM
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