[JDEV] Q on 1.4.2 Flash support

dlb civintel at home.com
Fri Feb 8 18:48:56 CST 2002

Hi ;

re: Flash support

the 1.4.2 update notice contains the following description of the Flash
sockets support scheme
The support for native Flash5 XMLSockets (see Macromedia docs or Heliant
whitepaper) added in 1.4.1 now also supports the syntax used by Jabber,
Inc.'s server for flash5 support.  To use this technique, the stream
namespace sent by the flash5 client must be changed to
xmlns:flash="http://www.jabber.com/streams/flash" and first element is named
<flash:stream ...>.

Just to confirm , does 'now also supports' mean that 1.4.2 supports both the
1.4.1 'standard' 5222 connection - no mod to the stream namespace , as well
as the method described ?

glad to see that this feature has been standardized w/ jabber.com


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