[JDEV] Changing Jabber Server Name To FQDN With Out XDB problems

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Mon Feb 11 09:46:59 CST 2002

The big question is whether or not you have had any external contact via
internal s2s?  If not you could make a script to change all the
subscriptions to the new jids, move the directory to the new name, and then
bring the server back up.  Sadly this might be a bit more complex for some
of the transports, since they do JID hashing to name their XDB files.
Browse one of the xdb files and see if it makes sense to you where to change
the names, and feel free to ask questions.

Any perl hackers want to make this script?  I know you can do it fast =)


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> Hi All, I have been running a jabber server in our company since last one
> year or so. In the beginning we thought we would run it internally and
> our jabber server as "phoenix". Now we would like to connect our server to
> the rest of the jabber network and therefore obviously rename the jabber
> server to a FQDN.
> Is there a way to do this easily with out having to delete the existing
> acconts in the spool. By the way I have been running the msn, yahoo and
> transports. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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