[JDEV] jpolld modification ...

kuba troszok troszok at medialogic.it
Mon Feb 11 12:15:50 CST 2002

in my last mail i presented a memory
leak problem that exists in a system
that apears when we have system consisting
jpolld and jabberd working togheter.
For now in existing jpolld if we lost connection
to jabberd ( for example when we jabberd dies ) we
don't have to die we should put some checks to
avoid seg faults when the jabberd is broken.

I can propose a SIG handler that will suspend
all the jpolld<->jabberd exchanges.
Than we can use another SIG handler to restart
the sessions - by reconnecting to
the jabber server. In the meanwhile we can restart
the jabberd.
The users will not be disconnected. They will
experience only a little latency on the server
during restart time.

I know that this is not completely clean solution
but this is only a start i think that it
could be a nice start to develop a server that is
more reliable and is easier extensible.

I think that this could be the first step
to creating three layer jabber server.

1) jpolld possibly on few machines
2) jabberd first on one machine then we can try
to distribute on few machines
3) backend - storage layer like database.

If you have any comments or propositions or
you want to help - i'm waiting for your

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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