[JDEV] Need a volunteer to write a JEP

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Tue Feb 12 14:42:32 CST 2002

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 04:39, Van Gale wrote:
> Ashvil wrote:
> > > 1. Query the other client for a list of add-ons
> Jacek Konieczny replied:
> > This can be done using current protocol: query client for supported
> > namespaces with jabber:iq:browse.
> > I don't think we need another protocol extension for these.
> AFAIK the jabber:iq:browse is only used to browse the server namespace.
> Vista needed a way to browse namespace in clients, and in fact, they are
> using jabber:iq:browse to do so (which I see from simply spending 1 minute
> to look at their document).

No, take a look at the jabber:iq:browse documentation (both the old
stuff and the new JEP) - iq:browse is specifically *for* namespace
discovery on Jabber end points. Add-ons would be in their own namespace,
and therefore would be listed in iq:browse, so you need not develop
another namespace for querying add-ons.

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