[JDEV] more p2p & jabber File Sharing

Dave dave at dave2.dave.tj
Wed Feb 13 09:57:27 CST 2002

The protocol looks substantially more complicated than the GnutellaNet
protocol, yet I don't see any major advantages to it over simply
integrating a GnutellaNet client into the Jabber client (since GnutellaNet
client libs are widely available for almost every platform by now).
What's more, storing indexes to the files on the Jabber server would
subject the administrator of any server to possible Napster-style
litigation.  If you'd really like to get the Jabber server involved,
maybe a Jabber<->GnutellaNet transport is best. . .

...just my two pennies :-)

 - Dave

BTW - The GnutellaNet isn't the only p2p file-sharing network out there.
You can integrate a client for any other p2p file-sharing network instead
(including Genny, Gnutella's "official" replacement), if you prefer.

aliban at gmx.net wrote:
> hello,
> as i already mentioned i will write a jabber File Sharing component.
> it will store filenames in a mysql database and a user can search 
> for this. He will get a jid as result. Then he can request the file from 
> the JID.
> On my page you can find a preview about the jabberFS:iq that will 
> be used by the jabber File Sharing system.
> http://skabber.rudbek.com/jabberfs/
> jabberFS:iq:search v.1.0
> http://skabber.rudbek.com/jabberfs/jabberfs-iq-search.txt
> jabberFS:iq:filetransfer v.1.0.1
> http://skabber.rudbek.com/jabberfs/jabberfs-iq-filetransfer.txt
> p.s. Julian: i switched jabber:iq:oob to jabberFS:iq:filetransfer
> any comments are welcome.
> Edrin
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