[JDEV] file transfer

kmq at gmx.at kmq at gmx.at
Mon Feb 11 18:59:33 CST 2002

for my file transfer i want to implement in my jabber client i need 
some tags to manage the infomration exchange between both 
the filetransfer will be P2P and not the http "standart". I will not use 
the http standart because i want to be able to continue broken 
downloads and it must be possible to connect->sendfile as well as 
connect->getfile. (This would enable me to establish filetransfer 
even if one of the users is behind a firewall)

my filetransfer is a simple tcp connection that will get transfer the 
bytes of the file... the information about the file (filesize, byte to 
start at, filename, IP, port) should be transfered within an xml 
message to the other client to manage a handshake. Now my 
question: may i use the oob tag? all the samples have 
httü:// or something in it... can i use my own 
tags in it? like 

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