[JDEV] case-sensitive of JID

Moz moz_nz at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 17:13:11 CST 2002

Iain Shigeoka <iainshigeoka at yahoo.com> said:
>>> Alexandre N. Safiullin wrote:
>>>> Yeah.. In order to properly fix it plz tell me whether user (and server ;) )
>>>> parts of JID can be non-ASCII (i.e. UTF8)?
>I think they can (or will soon.)  I recall just recently reading an article
>about the new domain names being issued (or about to be issued) with
>non-english character sets.  The article was discussing the obvious methods
>of stealing domains or hijacking browsers by registering identical looking
>domains that are spelled differently (mixing characters from different
>character sets.)  

Not so much different character sets, different languages. Different 
characters that look the same (like 1 and l). Called homographs (literally 
"they look the same"). The Risks digest article is here:


Technically a very simple solution, UTF8 exposes a whole heap of human 
engineering issues (the codespace for it is not easy to partition along 
language lines, and was never intended to be).

For Jabber though, that's not really an issue. We do have the homograph 
problem, but I'd be inclined to let other people worry about it. More 
interesting is translating UTF8 names into portable filenames...


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