[JDEV] File transfer ideas

kuba troszok troszok at medialogic.it
Mon Feb 18 08:13:47 CST 2002

David Sutton wrote:

>      If the file doesn't already exist, the server checks that the size
>      value does not exceed the limit placed on the server. This value is
>      not trusted, only used as a guideline. The user then starts to
>      upload the file. The server monitors this, and will terminate and
>      destroy the partial upload if its exceeds the size it reported.

I can see here a problem that you don't have any
way to block storage of forbidden contents like pornographic
movies,pictures, mp3s or pirated software.
We should really check it before getting into the troubles.

The solution we're working on is to create the transfer
server. One user that sends file is connecting to the HTTP
server using POST and cookie that identifies the file.
Another is connecting using GET with cookie that identifies
the file. And Apache is only responsible for connecting these
two sessions.
The cookie and server address is passed trough the jabber.

I will try to send this transfer server (
should be available under GPL like licence )
at the end of this week.

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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