[JDEV] MSN and Yahoo transports in Jabber.org server

Anton Fernando antonf at mobilemedia.lk
Tue Feb 19 00:02:38 CST 2002

I have written a Jabber client with basic functionalities. and I want to add
MSN, Yahoo, ...  transports functionality. 
I noticed that jabber.com server and jabber.org server responds differently
when adding msn transport.  
Then I focused the client for Jabber.org server instead of Jabber.com

Now i can connect to MSN through Jabber.org server.
But Yahoo tansport is not available in the Jabber.org server whereas it is
available in the Jabber.com server.
How can i solve this problem? 
If i install jabber-1.4.1.tar (from Jabber.org) locally, can it be
configured for MSN and Yahoo transports?
If so why Jabber.org server lacks that functionality?

Please respond to this silly questions.

thanks in advance,


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