[JDEV] File Transfer Proposals

Dave dave at dave2.dave.tj
Tue Feb 19 16:43:17 CST 2002

Here's another potential solution:
Instead of writing a full-fledged HTTP server, just write a cheap one that
understands simple GET requests and simple upload requests.  That way,
you'll have compatibility with a standard (HTTP), but the implementation
won't be much more complex than a simple socket.  What do you think?

Dave Cohen <dave at dave.tj>

aliban at gmx.net wrote:
> Well, i personally have problems to find a free http server that does 
> has not any open source license, is not a dll and supports upload. 
> Therefor I would have to write one myself. And that would be much 
> more work then doing a simple socket connection to stream the file 
> (as described in my jabberfs:iq:filetransfer protocol).
> In addition to that if i would find such a lib there is still the question, 
> would it support several instances with not too much memory 
> usage with different ports/passwords for each person that is 
> downloading, would your application get information about what ppl 
> currently download what file, with what kind of speed they do it....
> Doing such a simple socket connection would allow you to get 
> these information on the fly and abort downloads very easy, 
> password protect them very easy (because you do the filetransfer 
> negotiation with XML stream). 
> I can accept the opinion ppl (esspecially those on linux) that they 
> want http and such stuff because indeed this offers interesting stuff 
> like storing the files on servers, doing the PASS thing and who 
> knows what other kind of stuff would be possible. I would like to get 
> my client working befor i start writing my own http server. Could 
> add this as a new feature then...
> Why can´t we have those two standart, http for more complex 
> filetransactions and the easy socket filetransfer for simple client 
> 2client filetransfer??
> ;) Edrin
> > Richard Dobson wrote:
> > 
> > >You dont need HTTP or FTP because they are way too bloated as I have already
> > >said, I come to this conclusion because they all have far more features than
> > >are necessary, what other than resuming is really needed ??
> > >
> > Sure, name some of these extra features which we don't need
> > 
> > >
> > >The method I mentioned is nice and simple and does the job and can easily
> > >support resuming using the control messages I mentioned that can be passed
> > >along the xml stream, now although there wont be a library around for this
> > >why would you need one, I dont know about anyone else but it would not take
> > >me anymore than 2 maybe 3 hours to code that in C++. Instead of just using
> > >other protocols just because they are there and trying to do a hack around
> > >
> > <snip remainder of run-on sentence>
> > I don't understand how using file-transfer protocols to transfer files 
> > is a big hack. Please explain this.
> > 
> > -David Waite
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