[JDEV] Conferencing - how to set up permanent rooms

Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Thu Feb 21 04:39:24 CST 2002

I still have yet to get permanent conferencing rooms working, I must be
doing something wrong.  I'm trying with the current jabber-1.4.2 (from
tarball) and I've tried with conference-0.4.1 and conference from the

I've tried with JIM, WinJab and myJabber but even winjab can't browse
the permanent rooms.  I have a FQDN for conference.jabber.example.com
(example.com changed to protect the innocent) and have tried CNAME and A
records just for the hell of it.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has actually got this working.  Also
if you could take a quick look at the config snippet below to see if you
can spot any errors.  I've included my jud config just to give the
config some scope.



        <service type="jud" jid="jud.jabber.example.com" name="User

        <conference type="private" jid="private.jabber.example.com"
name="Private Conferencing"/>
        <conference type="public" jid="conference.jabber.example.com"
name="Public Conferencing"/>

  <service id="jud">
    <jud xmlns="jabber:config:jud">
      <FN>User Directory on localhost</FN>
      <DESC>This service provides a simple user directory

  <service id="conference.jabber.example.com">
    <conference xmlns="jabberd:config:conference">
        <FN>Public Conferences</FN>
        <DESC>This service is for public conferencing rooms.</DESC>
        <join> has become available</join>
        <leave> has left</leave>
        <rename> is now known as </rename>
      <room jid="support at conference.jabber.example.com">
        <name>Internal Support Room</name>
      <room jid="admin at conference.jabber.example.com">
        <name>Adminz only</name>
          <join> has become available</join>
          <leave> has left</leave>
          <rename> is now known as </rename>

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