[JDEV] conferences

Wayne Pinette wayner at savagesoftware.com
Thu Feb 21 13:38:35 CST 2002

At 11:06 AM 2/21/2002 -0700, David Waite wrote:
>With all current server implementations I'm aware of, this probably won't matter as they do not enable namespace support. For a server which really supports namespaces correctly, this could break badly, as it will be looking for the nickname within the appropriate namespace, and not any node in any namespace with a local name of 'nick'.
>When you add the element to the DOM tree, specify the namespace of the element as the namespace in which it belongs. When it serializes the DOM, it should only show it once. But by leaving the namespace empty, you are specifying that the namespace it is in is really "", and it specifies xmlns="" to indicate that it has changed the default namespace.
>-David Waite

Aah this makes sense, and thank you david for that has indeed fixed my xml output problem.
On the original task at hand, it seems I was being a bit of a moron, and for entering the room
I was not filling out the from field of the iq request.  It does seem to be <iq><enter>...
I seem to be entering the room find, but Im getting a 403 Forbidden error when doing (after entering)
<message type="groupchat" from="wayner at localhost" to"help at conference.localhost">....</message>

According to the docs that I have, Im suppose to get a result back from the <iq><enter> request
but the only thing I get back is a message from the group chat room that wayner has joined.
Just wondering again if this is normal.  Thanks everyone for your help..and if you have any quick ideas
as to the forbidden problem on sending messages, much obliged.. :-)


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