[JDEV] Managing the Desktop with Jabber

Tijl Houtbeckers tijl at druppel.nl
Thu Feb 21 18:28:05 CST 2002

>Do you  now if it does that on a Linxu client too?

I don't know of any linux client that does so but most of my experience with linux is 
commandline clients. All I know it's not so hard to implement under windows, and that 
it should by with KDE or GTK too.. With KDE it's also possible to make it transparant I 
think, GTK I don't know enough about to say for sure.

I put a few screenshots up to show the feature I mean:

this is the plain contact list (blurred some contacts out though :)

and this is when I drag a contact onto the desktop:


I can now acces the "box" as if it where still in the contact list (righ click to put up a 
contex menu, doubleclick to send a message), I can minimize my contactlist without 
it dissappearing etc. and drag it to any other place on my desktop.. it's also 
remembered inbetween session ofcourse..
if it were transparant it'd be ideal :)

>On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Tijl Houtbeckers wrote:

>> One feature I really miss in all other messengers is the ICQ style "floats", you drag 
>> contact from your contactlist onto the desktop and it's released into it's own little 
>> "box" (and it's always on top). It behaves like a normal contact in your ICQ contact 
>> would do. Overal ICQ still has the best interface IMHO for selecting how and about 
>> what you want to be notified.

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