[JDEV] Gabber for Solaris

John Reinke John.M.Reinke at mail.sprint.com
Mon Feb 25 09:20:05 CST 2002

On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 06:36, michael at weiser.saale-net.de wrote:
> I've got it running quite well on 2.8, but SSL and Digest
> Authentication sometimes make it segfault. But it's gotten a lot
> better in recent (0.8.4+) releases. As my box is only a SPARCstation
> 10 I've not yet had the patience to try it with 0.8.6.

Since it appears that some people have been successful compiling Gabber
on Solaris, would anyone mind sharing how they succeeded?

Especially, as Julian requested, please share any changes that might
have been made to the source code files.

I've run into brick walls before, but we're talking the Great Wall of
China here. I've not found a way to get around it, and I really need a
decent client on my Sun workstation.


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