[JDEV] New Jabber RPMs

Benjamin Reed ben at opennms.org
Mon Feb 25 11:45:24 CST 2002

Ralph Siemsen [ralphs at blueairnetworks.com] wrote:
> One thing I noticed, if I only install the jabber RPM and not the other 
> transports, upon login to the server, clients still get a long list of 
> available services (which aren't actually available).  Of course, this 
> is because those <service> sections are in the default jabber.xml file.
> It would be nice if the various transport packages "added themselves" to 
> the jabber.xml file.  I could envision something like how xinetd.d 
> works, if you're familiar with that.  Each new service just creates its 
> own file in the /etc/xinetd.d.
> Does that sound worthwhile?

Good idea...  I actually am kind of doing that now (in /etc/jabber.d)
but I didn't think about the service list in the main jabber.xml.  I'll
work on updating it to comment those out if the transport is not

Another thing I'm working on is beefing up the init script so you can use
it to restart a transport without having to restart everything.

Ben Reed (ben at opennms.org)
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