SRV stuff (Was: Re: [JDEV] Jabber server redirection)

David Waite mass at
Mon Feb 25 17:08:19 CST 2002

Dave Dykstra wrote:

>>Since we now have 
>>jabber-client and jabber-server defined by the IANA, it should be 
>What about SSL client connections on port 5223?  Should they be
I don't know, I didn't standardize the SSL ports. The application was 
apparently delayed because they were upset about us using two separate 
ports (I would imagine it is because there are only 48k or so total).

I think I would prefer _jabber-client-ssl._tcp and 
_jabber-server-ssl._tcp (either way should work). I could try to 
register the SSL ports, but would anyone be totally against requiring 
SRV lookups for SSL-based connections?

Actually, there was another issue I didn't realize until reading the SRV 
doc. Supposedly now that there is a registered service with the IANA, we 
should be using that within the SRV lookup (see RFC 2782, Format -> 
Service (interesting bit at the top of page 3). This means that 
_jabber._tcp should really be _jabber-server._tcp. Whoops.

-David Waite

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