[JDEV] AUTH Message !

N_Dinesh at sifycorp.com N_Dinesh at sifycorp.com
Mon Feb 25 04:59:18 CST 2002

Hi Thomas.

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? ? ? ? I dont know if you remember me, i wrote last time to you on the Auth
with IMAP. I have hacked ?into ?mod_auth_plain to change to call an external
program to authenticate with an IMAP server. Now, i also
want to send the number of new mails the user has an "Headline" message. Now
what is right way of doing this,
I have managed to create a new jabber packet as message and send it to the user
has an OOB and it works.
The only hassle is that it dosent work as "headline". If it tag the message has
"Headline" the message dosent appear.
Pls help.



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