[JDEV] Gabber for Solaris

Peter Fales psfales at lucent.com
Wed Feb 27 10:04:46 CST 2002


Thanks for the note, it looks something useful to keep in mind.  In our
environment, we need to be able to install packages on lots of different
machines, most of which we don't have root access on, so using a user
space solution like prngd works better for us.  

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On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 09:05:40AM -0700, Phillip Oleson wrote:
> just a side note that may interest you in regards to /dev/random on solaris.
> check out http://www.cosy.sbg.ac.at/~andi/  This kernel module works quite
> well... at least for me.
> 	Phil.
> Peter Fales wrote:
> >I was able to compile 0.8.7 for solaris 2.5.1 with very minimal changes.
> >In src/TCPTransmitter.cc I added these lines:
> >
> >	#define socklen_t int
> >	#define INET_ADDRSTRLEN 16
> >
> >as they don't seem to be supplied in any of the solaris headers.  I believe
> >that's all that is needed to compile if you don't need SSL support.  To get
> >SSL working (since solaris doesn't have /dev/random), I had to add some
> >code to invoke prngd (part of openssh) to seed the random number
> >generator.
> >
> >
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