[JDEV] Resources and Priorities Questions

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Wed Feb 27 10:36:06 CST 2002

OK, let me see if I understand something properly:

1.) If user at server/Home sends a message to "someone else", that 
someone else should reply to, obviously, user at server/Home, since 
that's where it knows user IS, correct?

2.) The Jabber book, on p.127, says:

"In the event there's a priority tie, the most recent connection to 
the Jabber server wins"

By connection, do we mean "Session start" or "activity seen"? The 
reason I ask is that we have a lot of employees with dedicated access 
at home, and it would make sense that folks would just leave their 
Jabber client running at home and running at work. Now, to make sure 
they always get their messages, they can either:

(a) constantly twiddle the priorities to be "higher than the other place"
(b) leave them at the same priority, but every time they 
(go-home|get-to-work) sign out and sign back in

but a nicer alternative would be:

(c) have the server know "ah, Home and Work have the same priority, 
but I last saw ACTIVITY from Work, so they must be there." (or vice 

Is "C" do-able?


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