[JDEV] Resources and Priorities Questions

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Feb 27 13:35:42 CST 2002

I'm not sure, but I thought priority ties were decided by whichever 
changed presence last.

-David Waite

Derek J. Balling wrote:

> OK, let me see if I understand something properly:
> 1.) If user at server/Home sends a message to "someone else", that 
> someone else should reply to, obviously, user at server/Home, since 
> that's where it knows user IS, correct?
> 2.) The Jabber book, on p.127, says:
> "In the event there's a priority tie, the most recent connection to 
> the Jabber server wins"
> By connection, do we mean "Session start" or "activity seen"? The 
> reason I ask is that we have a lot of employees with dedicated access 
> at home, and it would make sense that folks would just leave their 
> Jabber client running at home and running at work. Now, to make sure 
> they always get their messages, they can either:
> (a) constantly twiddle the priorities to be "higher than the other place"
> (b) leave them at the same priority, but every time they 
> (go-home|get-to-work) sign out and sign back in
> but a nicer alternative would be:
> (c) have the server know "ah, Home and Work have the same priority, 
> but I last saw ACTIVITY from Work, so they must be there." (or vice 
> versa)
> Is "C" do-able?
> D

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