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Sebastiaan 'CBAS' Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Fri Jan 4 10:15:25 CST 2002


Would that be like a message board that attaches itself to websites?
(perhaps visualized with a browser plugin)
Perhaps you should take a look at projects like Microsoft's CARP to see what
the best way is to distribute the comments in a Jabber P2P environment.
Also, some websites put sensitive information in the URL (using GET HTTP
requests to retrieve the information), so I think it would be best to hash
the URL's and distribute the comments based on that hash. (storing the
actual URL doesn't seem necessary because we already know it and it would
usually increase the data compared to a 160 bit hash)

The OHAHA P2P filesharing network use(d) a protocol bases on the same
pronciples but the project get janked, I think. (the website turned into
some sort of Christmas card)

I'm not very knowledgable of database techniques or other load-balancing
mechanisms but CARP seems like a good solution to this particular

Hope this helps,

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> good folk,
> after lurking a bit and waddling through the documentation, i have a
> couple of thoughts i'd appreciate comments on, having to do with what
> i'd like to use jabber for:
> i've always wanted something i'll loosely call "annotations on the
> web", a means by which i and other users can create annotations for
> different URLs, and be able to share these annotations amongst
> ourselves.  there have been a variety of different approaches to this,
> but i haven't yet encountered one that was satisfying: they almost all
> usually necessarily involve a central annotations storage server for
> all the annotations made by that system, and some kind of helper
> application or applet, maybe even actual page re-writing.  this has
> always struck me as too heavy weight, and dependent on remote services
> for storage as well as communication.
> a little while ago, after i'd been using instant messaging for work a
> while, it occured to me that the IM/p2p-ish model might be a better
> place for this kind of annotations: i for one really only want to
> check on annotations made by people or orgs that i actually know
> (read: in my roster).  that could be my acquaintances, it could be the
> collected annotations of a scholarly society i belong to, a listserv
> i'm on, what have you.
> from my reading of the docs on the protocol (and please to make
> corrections if i am off base here, or if this might be differently
> stated), we might imagine annotations conversations like this in
> jabber:
>     query:
>         <iq type="get" to="..." from="...">
>           <query type="jabber:iq:annotation">
>             <annotation type="uri-exact"
>                         value="http://some.where.com/over/the/rainbow/"/>
>           </query>
>         </iq>
>     and response:
>         <iq type="result" to="..." from="...">
>           <query type="jabber:iq:annotation">
>             <annotation type="uri-exact"
>                         value="http://some.where.com/over/the/rainbow/">
>               <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
>                  <!-- ... some xhtml-basic content,
>                           deathless prose, no doubt ... -->
>               </html>
>             </annotation>
>           </query>
>         </iq>
>     where we can imagine query types of at least things like
>     'uri-exact', 'uri-prefix', 'domain', and even other things like
>     ISSN/ISBN or DOI or SICI.
> one could certainly send and reply to such messages right now by hand
> in jabber.  what would be more interesting is for a jabber client to
> receive such a query, and look in whatever content store of
> annotations were available, and respond automatically (assuming that
> identities and subscription rights all permitted, natch...).  so, in
> my jabber client, i would choose an option like "see if anyone in my
> roster has an annotation for *this*", and then results would come back
> if there were any.
> behind that scenario are myriad implementational details.  i think
> that this does generalize from just annotations to anything that you'd
> want to share amongst acquaintances and grows over time, and probably
> generalizes further than that.
> is anyone working on or know of anything even remotely similar to this
> kind of functionality/usage?  does this seem an
> interesting/appropriate usage for the jabber substrate?  better forum
> to discuss this sort of thing?  any and all comments are appreciated.
> thanks!
> cheers,
> nigel
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