[JDEV] GZipping Jabber Messages

Ben Schumacher ben-jdev at blahr.com
Fri Jan 4 16:24:15 CST 2002

I would think this would be relatively easy to implement, but the
processing overhead would be fairly high. For a high volume server where
you'd run into issues with bandwidth, you'd probably hit processing limits
just from parsing the XML... adding in compression/decompression would be
a fairly major hit.

In my experience, it'd be cheaper to just get more bandwidth than it would
be to get bigger, badder hardware... unless you're planning to implement
some complicated distributed processing on cheap hardware.

So uh... while I think it would be fairly trivial to implement (depending
on how/where its done)... I personally feel that costs may not out weigh
the benefits.

My $0.02.


On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Adam Theo wrote:
> Hi, all. There's a good discussion going on over at the DotGNU Developer 
> list about gzip'ing the XML that is transmitted around on the DotGNU 
> platform.
> Was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate the same thing for 
> future versions of the Jabber server? Is it feasible, anyway? They are 
> saying the trade-offs for extra resource consumption would not be bad at 
> all if designed into the server properly, and would reduce bandwidth 
> very dramatically (like by 80%, i think). This would be useful for 
> high-volume servers with enough processing power, i think...

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