[JDEV] Presence subscribing and Karma

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Mon Jan 7 18:49:07 CST 2002

You could present the user with a progress bar and place a timer between 
each presence send (like maybe 0.5 seconds or something)... of course it 
makes the user wait, but it's a predictable amount of time which you can 
tell the user about ahead of time. That's what I'm planning on doing 
with Gabber, anyway.

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Michal Leinweber wrote:

> What is the right way to subscribe to presence when doing in batch?
> I want to import roster from file. There are many contacts. It's fine that
> I can send roster add in one IQ tag.
> But if I want to subscribe presence of all these contacts, than it seems
> that karma stops it, because each subscription has their own tag.
> So what is the right way to do 100 and more subscriptions requests at one
> time?
>     Thanx
>         McLEI

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