[JDEV] Does anyone use PHP for the client?

EdE ede at knup.de
Tue Jan 8 05:46:18 CST 2002

Quoting Antoine Maitre...

> I would like to know if anyone uses PHP for his or her
> Jabber client implementation.

not yet, i'm planning to write a client which will use PHP.
the project starts in february.

check out: http://sites.knup.de/w3jab/

> I have several questions
> concerning server-client communication and data
> reading.

mhh, i experienced a bit with php and jabber a few month ago,
just for fun. i wrote some code-snippets and was able to enter
a conference room with that.
i'm not yet an expert with this, therefore i don't think i would
be able to offer great help. but feel free to ask.

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