[JDEV] Theoretic.com Now Blocked

Kevin Smathers ks at micky.hpl.hp.com
Tue Jan 8 09:54:52 CST 2002

The only solution I can think of is to move the AOL transport out to
the client.  Actually the ability to open multiple simultaneous server
connections from the client would solve another problem for me as well;
I regularly need to work with both internal and external Jabber servers.

Then you could treat the AIM transport as just another Jabber server
cluster as far as the client is concerned (albeit one with a closed
set of participants).  I suppose there is an issue of transparency,
especially when the user is offline, but AIM like Jabber will I think
queue messages for users not currently online.  That part should be


On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 05:23:09AM -0500, Adam Theo wrote:
> Just to tell everyone that as of Sunday Theoretic.com is the third
> Jabber server to be blocked by AOL for both AIM and ICQ. This ends what
> I have often been told was the best AIM and ICQ support of all public
> Jabber servers.
> I am thinking of how to react to this and what my plans will be. I will
> be reacting, though. I am fed up with this treatment of us by AOL.
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