[JDEV] The "OpenAIM" Project

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jan 9 04:33:40 CST 2002

I see the only viable way to solve this AOL issue is to make jabber so good
that AIM/ICQ users will switch to it, once AOL sees that they are lossing
all of their users im sure they will start talking about and allowing
interoperability to try and keep users. Also all the recent AIM security
problems may also help get people to move away from AIM once Jabber has all
the features it does, also being able to control employee IM usage and
prevent sensitive chat leaving the company keeping everything local will
also help get businesses to move to Jabber. So what we need to do is not
waste our time trying to get around AOL's blocks and just intice AIM users
away and onto Jabber by making it much better than AIM.

Things that I see need to be worked on are the following:

A file transfer standard (it maybe in some clients but a universal standard
needs to be established, in which people can directly send files to each
other, not just via an HTTP server)

Voice/Video conferencing standard

Whiteboarding standard

Shared application startup (games, netmeeting, etc)

IM client web services (e.g. MSN's new webservices, expedia, alerts etc)


Proper Blocking

HTTP connection jabber servers (needs to be completed and supported in

Emoticons (that can maybe be embedded/linked to within messages so that
different clients can see the same graphical emoticon, even if they dont
already have support for a particular emoticon)

Anyway these are my thoughts


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