[JDEV] The Important Things

kuba troszok troszok at medialogic.it
Thu Jan 10 05:26:04 CST 2002

Ashvil wrote:

> With regards to scalabilty, I feel that we need to move to the Apache and
> SendMail model. Millions of small servers in different domains, rather then
> AOL's centralized model. If some ISP still demands scalabilty, then they can
> choose Jabber.com's JCS.

i think that Apache is where it is only because nobody there
was saying that if sombody wants THE feature can choose
netscape fasttrack,IIS or other commercial server.

I think first we need to think about
what we need to achieve - if we want
to play with jabber on our lans -
it's ok we can stop developing the server.
What we have now it's enough for this.
But i was always thinking that we want to
have the best server.

Anyway why to create new clients for jabber
if we have already ICQ, MSN, AOL and alot of
others  ?
Because we don't like the way they work,
and we want to be free to modify everything,
customize whatever we need.

So i don't understand why somebody is
saying something like this on a mailing list
about opensource project.

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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