[JDEV] The Important Things

kuba troszok troszok at medialogic.it
Thu Jan 10 08:05:44 CST 2002

Rodrigo Roman wrote:

> I'm new in the discussion but need to install a server in an ISP, about 
> 3000 concurrent users, do I have to use JCS or open source jabber is OK 
> for this?

i think OSS version is not yet ready.
The first problem is that standard version of
Jabber server has some strange memory managment
problems so it's growing quite fast.
And with 3000concurrent users you will have
to restart this server every few days/hours.

Another thing you will have to use jpolld to
let more than 1k users connect to your site.
We were making tests with few thousands users
connected to the jabber server trough jpolld
with sucess ( if i remember well it was something
about 20k users on PC with 1GB of ram ).
But this was only scripts connected not really
chatting, changing presence etc.

I will try to send some test results that we made.

I don't have experience with commercial server,
don't even know anybody using it so i cannot
say what it really can do.

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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